The Aspiring Writer’s Letter

Dear Publisher,

I heard that your agency actively seeks fiction from new writers, so I am more than willing to present my piece to you titled King Lear, a five-act play that accounts the fate of the infamous King Lear, his daughters, and his loyal servants.

The tragedy started when King Lear, the king of Britain, decided to banish his beloved youngest daughter, Cordelia, because of her failure to flatter him. When he decided to divide his kingdom to his two daughters, Regan and Goneril, his ill-fate began. In a seemingly same fate, a loyal nobleman, Gloucester who happened to have two sons:  Edgar, his legitimate son and Edmund, the bastard. Both fathers journeyed to seek the truth behind the walls of selfishness their children made against them. They were forced to unfair circumstances, storms and the plights of life that has caused them their life, honor and dignity.

This play would greatly appeal to the general public because of its theme of injustice between family members, betrayal and the longing of man to feel accepted and loved. More specifically, this piece would greatly appeal to parents, from 25-50 years old and to all men and women who have experienced family hurt and betrayal.

My name is William Shakespeare, a passionate playwright and poet who have learned that art is the mirror of life. I have been so passionate in writing the play and I strongly believe that you are the rightful one who could publish this work along with your passion to publish quality works. Act 2, the soliloquy of Edmund is attached with this file.

Thank you and looking forward to your favorable response!




William Shakespeare