Letter to the District Commissioner Umofia

The leadership that we have exhibited in our territories is now being expanded in different villages through our colonization efforts. I believe that your leadership has made all this success possible. Recently, we have established our government in a new territory, the village of Umuofia. In this village lies an old African culture that needs modernization. The people in this village are still governed by their old culture which restrains the opportunity for them to grow. Now that we have established our power in this village, we have to strengthen it further to fight the resistance emerging due to the drastic changes in the native’s culture and way of living. In the recent months of our governance with the village, there have been drastic improvements in the different sectors of the village, specifically in the field of trade, religion, education and health. This rate of improvement in the village has to be maintained and continued by rapidly expanding and strengthening our colonization.

In trade, produce of the villagers are now being sold through trading posts. Palm oil and kernel have increased its sales after a few months and are patronized by different buyers. With the current rate of sales increase, it is predicted that demand for products of Umuofia will increase rapidly in a few months. The benefits of higher demands in products have resulted to job generation and profit for the village. Idle lands will be put to good use and villagers will learn better techniques to produce their crops. Villagers are the ones mostly benefiting from the good trade performance with money continuously flowing in the village. Our governance has been a major factor in establishing the good trade performance of the village. With this, the village is not far from being internationally known for its products.

In religion, we have established a great influence in changing the behavior and stopping violence in the village. Since the establishment of Catholicism in the village, there have been less violence and establishment protection of women. Our church leaders have had conversation with the religious leader of the villagers but we have yet to convince them to fully convert their religion. With regards to tribe leaders, there is resistance to the acceptance of religion among them. Convincing the tribe leaders will require greater force and power. This will follow the persuasion of their subordinates to join them in joining our church. On the other hand, several villagers have been convinced to change religion and go to churches.

In education, we have established a school for the villagers. Most of them do not know how to read and write and has remained ignorant in the importance of these skills to their lives. They have relied solely on planting and selling as their main occupation and have not strived for greater opportunities. Thus, most have chosen to remain illiterate. With the current changes, we have been convincing the villagers to attend classes and know the importance of education. However, most are not yet persuaded by our efforts and wanted to remain in their current state. They have refused to embrace the modernity and wanted to remain in their old-fashioned culture.

In health, we have established a hospital which has aid villagers in treating diseases. The village has no enough funds to establish a medical facility to address the health concerns of its people. Thus, when our government came and the hospital was established, villagers immediately availed of the services of the hospital. The facilities and experts we have established in the village is now an important part of the area. More villagers are coming to the hospital in pursuit of treating their illnesses.

The effects of our leadership to this village in terms of trade, religion, health and education have revolutionized the village and our governance. My leadership is constantly coordinating with the tribe leaders to establish good relations and make them surrender their power to the more educated leaders. To facilitate this, we have met with some of their leaders to negotiate power and authority among others. However, this has led to a mishap with one of my members being killed during the meeting. The tribe leaders have been resisting the change that we are offering to them and to their village and our discussion has heated up leading to violent acts from one of the tribe leaders. They have not seen the long term effects of our good governance. The merging of two cultures will lead to modernization and continued success of the village.

With this, I am requesting that our colonization be expanded and strengthen in Umuofia. There are still a lot of opportunities that we have not exploited in the village that can be a greater source of power and income. Umuofia and its people require proper education and discipline in following the laws that we want to establish. They must also be informed of who they should follow and be controlled of their rude behavior and rebellion against the government. The villagers must realize that modernization is what they need and that their old tradition must be left in the past.

We are hoping that you blessed us with your support and that resources will be sent immediately for rapid expansion. Your support will be a great help in our main goal of influencing the world of our culture and religion.


District Commissioner of Umuofia