Article Critique

In many colleges and universities, professors assign their students to write an article critique.  An article critique involves an evaluation and analysis of a specific article found in a scholarly journal.  It is an important tool for the professors to assess whether the students have actually understood the essence of the journal article.

There are several steps in writing an article critique.  First, you need to read the article to understand the author’s main points.  If you feel that reading it once is not enough, you can read it again.  Second, when you understand the author’s main points, try to highlight important sentences or paragraphs which you think need to be elaborated, praised or criticized.  Third, prepare an outline of the article critique.  Fourth, start writing the paper by summarizing the author’s viewpoints and critically analyzing the article.  It is not enough that the student summarizes the author’s main points.  It is essential that the article critique should include statements on which ideas the writer agrees with the author and the ideas which the student disagrees with the author.

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Sample papers:

  1. Journal Article Critique of “The Performing Arts” by Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson and “Creating Sustainable Communities” by Richard Witt and Michelle Xuereb
  2. Article Critique of “War Fantasies: Memory, Trauma and Ethics in Ari Folman’s Waltz with Bashir”
  3. Critical Analysis of Chapter 8 “No More Sabras”