Literary Analysis of Gabriel Garcia Marquez ‘Eva Is Inside Her Cat’

Literary Analysis of Gabriel Garcia Marquez ‘Eva Is Inside Her Cat’

‘Eva Is Inside Her Cat’ is one of the early works of renowned Latin American writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The story examines the search of a woman for a viable cat to which she can reincarnate herself with. As readers move forward, they are able to recognize the changes happening within the persona, the thought process and memories that continued to influence brought forward the author’s use of elements that would later be significant in creating coherence and highlighting the realization that her objective cannot be possible. Equally, the story by Marquez also brings forward his use of magical realism as a storytelling technique to readers. By incorporating realistic elements at the beginning of the story and blurring it in the middle as the character dwells with a non-physical world, the author is able to convey this technique effectively and put forward valuable themes and symbolisms.

One significant theme highlighted by Garcia Marquez in this story is the personas perception of beauty. Arguably, readers are able to see the woman’s transformation and how it shifted from physical attributes to an appreciation of the metaphysical. Looking closely, the initial part of the story showcases the protagonist feeling a bit uneasy about her physical state and the probability that death is near (The Reading Life 1). As the narrator leaves her physical body, it can be seen that she remains to be conscious offering readers insights about her perception of the things around and how she describes these in her bodiless state. Seeing this, Garcia Marquez effectively utilizes storytelling to effectively demonstrate the changes happening to the speaker. It shows what the woman is thinking during the last few moments in the natural world and the realizations in the life after.

Another important lesson brought forward by Garcia Marquez in this short story is the interaction of man to the metaphysical. Here, issues related to the soul, spirit and alternate realities are discussed that puts forward the perspective of the protagonist as far as existence is considered. For her, the depiction of life goes beyond the physical world and transcends towards an environment that is devoid of time. The realization of the woman in the story demonstrates one that brings together an understanding of a deeper sense where her spirit can particularly be free of any form (Garcia Marquez 1). This confusing, yet profound explanation of the woman of how she sees the world is evident at the end of the story.

Lastly, Garcia Marquez like many other Latin American writers also utilizes the technique called magical realism. This specific literary style remains to be evident in the story and is depicted by the woman’s interaction in the natural world and another realm which is beyond the physical (Williams 3). Seeing this, magical realism is a literary approach wherein magical elements are presented in the story. As the title provides, there clearly is a sense of mystique in the attempt of the protagonist to be reborn into a cat. It is through this objective and the apparent realization of the speaker on what transpires at the latter part of the story demonstrates the use of magical realism by Marquez in the story.

Overall, Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ ‘Eva is Insider her Cat’ is a short story that details the journey of a woman in the physical plane to the afterlife. Though the ideas surrounding realities are blurred by Marquez storytelling and writing style, the piece remains to be a wonderful and thought provoking story that emphasizes the author’s use of magical realism and metaphorical elements. Equally, presenting themes related to beauty and man’s interaction with the metaphysical enable readers to recognize the bizarre and ambiguity of message the story coveys to readers and how altogether provides beauty to one of Garcia Marquez’ early works.

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