Why Choose EssayResources

Why EssayResources.com?

Here are just some of many reasons why you should choose EssayResources.com:

  • Affordable price

Take advantage of our lowest price $7.95/page. We are one of the companies with the lowest rate per page but this does not mean low quality. We charge low per page because we offer editing/proofreading services for free—a service that is often included as a hidden charge by other companies.

  • All customized

All papers that you order are custom-made ONLY for you. We sell a paper to client only once. We do not resell a finished paper to any other client or reuse it for any other purpose. That’s a guarantee!

  • Our A to Z Approach

iWriteGigs follows an A to Z approach. This means that all papers are done from the very beginning up to the very end. Once you confirm an order from us, our writers conduct research and write the paper. The paper is passed on to our team of editors and proofreaders. We submit them to you for your comment. If you think there are changes that need to be done, we do it. If your professor sees that your paper needs to be revised, we do it. We never stop until the paper is completed and graded. Most importantly, we do not charge for revisions that are within the agreed period.

  • Trained and Experienced Team

Our team is composed of well-educated writers and editors who are tenured in their chosen experience. Our team also conducts extensive training and re-training for new and existing members.

  • Ready for Submission

To make sure that we lighten your burden, every paper that we give you is ready for submission. We have our own standard or format but we change if you have a preferred or required format to follow. From spacing to referencing style, to font, cover page, etc. every detail is taken care of for you.

  • Absolute Privacy and Confidentiality

Due to the nature of our service, we understand your utmost need for privacy and confidentiality. All personal information and details about all orders are kept with absolute confidentiality.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

We have customer service support that is always available through our website. Ping us, send a message, and we can instantly arrange something for your concern.

  • Refer a Friend Discount

Another innovation of iWriteGigs is the refer-a-friend discount. For every client referred, your commission is a discount for your next order.