Annotated Bibliography on Capital Punishment

American Civil Liberties Union (2012). The Case Against the Death Penalty. Retrieved from

The article talks about the history of death penalty and provides argument that challenges its legitimacy and practice. It talks about how the approach challenges basic human rights and undermines the existing standards to protect the life of people. The American Civil Liberties Union is an organization committed to preserving and protecting the rights of Americans against issues of discrimination and racism. The target audiences are for people who need to understand the conditions influencing capital punishment. The source offers ideas criticism to the current practice of death penalty and supports in identifying the arguments that tries to seek its abolishment.

Judicial Council (2014). Report of the Judicial Death Penalty Advisory Committee. Retrieved from

The document refers to the comparison of cost between capital punishment and life imprisonment. It identifies the perspective of the court and offers data on the administrative and financial expenses incurred by each party. The author is the committee in charge of reviewing processes within the courts. The source intended audiences are readers who seek to explore part of the cost in managing death penalty inmates. The part also connects to readers who try to identify the role of cost in resolving the problem of capital punishment.  The source again relates to the criticism of death penalty and will support the arguments against its continued application.

Masci, D. (2017). 5 Facts About the Death Penalty. Pew Research Center. Retrieved from

The work of David Masci identifies important data about death penalty. It talks about the existing information without providing a specific stand on the issue. It is a good way to achieve balance in arguments and allow readers to gauge the debate according to specific information. In comparison to other resources, it is a good way to indicate the positive impact that capital punishment brings to U.S. society. Also, Masci is a reputable contributor for Pew Research and has written different articles about the topic.

Michigan State University (2000). Arguments for and Against the Death Penalty. Death Penalty Information Center. Retrieved from

The article from Michigan State University is a combination of arguments that challenge and support death penalty. It offers different contributors in each field and identifies their stance on the issue. The resource is helpful because it provides supporters and critiques in one document. It can help readers balance views properly. Since the author is a University, the compilation comes from people or scholars who are familiar with the topic of capital punishment. (2013). Six Reasons to Oppose the Death Penalty. Retrieved from

The article by identifies six important reasons that try to challenge capital punishment. Their objective is to inform readers about the ethical, moral, and legal issues associated with the practice. No Death Penalty is an organization that tries to promote information awareness against death penalty and cites relevant research and studies that support their claim. The resource adds to studies and resources that remain critical with its practice. It is a good way to further expand assertions against capital punishment and add depth to the paper.